SreeSubrahmaniya Swami Temple - 3km

The Sree Subrahmanya Swamy temple in Haripad, Kerala is one of the oldest temples in Kerala. This temple dedicated to Subrahmanya Swamy is known as Dakshina Palani(Southern Palani). It is believed that the temple was established even before the advent of Kaliyuga.

Mannarasala Temple - 5 km

is a very ancient and internationally known centre of pilgrimage for the devotees of serpent gods (Nagaraja). The famous Nagaraja temple "Mannarasala" is nestled in a forest glade, like most snake temples. The Mannarasala Temple has over 30,000 images of snakes along the paths and among the trees, and is the largest such temple in Kerala. .

Music Airports - Kochi & Trivandum - 98km , 150km

Airports serving the Kochi & Trivandum area with domestic and international flights, plus bus links.

13 August - 20 August
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Haripad Railway station - 2km Show

Address: Railway Rd, Danappady, Haripad, Kerala 690514